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Green Gift Ideas!

Green Gift Ideas

Looking for a gift for someone special? We've got some great hard-to-find items that will really be appreciated!

For Students

Why not give a Soldius Solar Charger? Not only can it recharge your young person's iPod, it can also charge his or her cell phone, so no more "couldn't call 'cause my cellphone was dead" excuses! For science projects, consider using a Kill-a-Watt to research power consumption of various products.

For Dad

The Kill-a-Watt and Kill-a-Watt EZ make great gifts and will keep Dad busy for hours. Or splurge and get the PowerCost Monitor. These gifts all pay for themselves with the electrical power they help save.

For Mom

Our Sun Jar and Moon Jar products are very popular for decorative purposes and for use where a night-light is needed. Our GlowBricks are great for kids bedrooms.

For Everyone

The Electrilite No-Battery Flashlight makes a great gift for anyone who needs an emergency flashlight, whether for home or car. With this product, you never have to worry about dead batteries - a quick hand crank and you have all the light you need.